General Questions

What is FIWARE?

FIWARE ( FIWARE aims to increase Europe’s information and communication technology’s competitiveness. This is achieved by allowing public use of royalty-free technology to enable cost effective creation of innovative digital services.  FIWARE is an innovative, open cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of Future Internet applications and services, at a scale not seen before. FIWARE API specifications are public and royalty-free, driven by the development of an open source reference implementation which accelerates the availability of commercial products and services based on FI-WARE technologies.

What is a FI-WARE Accelerator?

frontierCities2 is a FIWARE Accelerator. Put simply we aim to promote, or accelerate, the use of FIWARE technology in order to increase the presence of smart mobility applications in European cities.

How can I find out more about FIWARE?

Please have a look at the FIWARE website if you would like specific information about FIWARE or one of the many Generic Enablers (GEs) on offer (

FIWARE is funded by the Future Internet Public Private Partnership and the European Commission.

How are FIWARE and the frontierCities accelerator funded?

Who makes up frontierCities2?

frontierCities2 is a consortium comprising New Frontier Services, the FIWARE Foundation, the University of Surrey, InnovaBic, Smart Transportation Alliance (STA), S3Transportation and H3B Media. Together, our partners pool the expertise in business, technology and industry to ensure the success of the proposals which will be selected for acceleration. 

The Future Internet refers to simplifying our internet usage and integrating its use in a way which allows the internet to play a more active role in our daily lives. 

What is the “Future Internet”?

Smart mobility, put simply, is using the latest technologies to create an innovative and dynamic interaction between the commuters and citizens within a city and its transportation systems. 

How do you define ‘Smart Mobility’?

The goal of the frontierCities2 call is to select for the MAG between 10 to 32 proposals, and for the FI-TECH between 8 to 20, depending on applicants’ budget proposals, to develop smart mobility solutions. Successful applicants should work with cities to develop these solutions or applications to increase the quality of life of citizens across European cities.

What is the goal of this funding call?

What do you mean when you say that I should work with a city?

Grantees will develop their applications for specific cities. Depending on your application you will be paired with a city whose needs match your proposal. Cities will also provide the testing and deployment grounds for your application. 

Do I have to work exclusively with one city?

Yes. At the beginning you will develop your application with one specific city, using real live data, which can be made available to you where appropriate. However through our business development services and commercialisation strategy we will help you market your application and help you replicate and scale its usage across other European cities. 

Can applicants be from a country outside the EU?

Applications are targeted at European cities, but not strictly EU Member States. Applicants will also be accepted from countries associated with the EU (i.e. H2020 Associated Countries).

Questions Relating to the Call

What are the selection criteria for selecting the winning proposals?

Our assessors will be looking for applications that:

  • Use FIWARE Generic Enablers;
  • Improve smart mobility in at least one European city;
  • Provide a clear value proposition from the implementation of the proposed application or service;
  • In the case of the FI-TECH Call - Provide a clear development plan (e.g. how will your application be tested and deployed?);
  • In the case of the MAG Call – demonstrate clearly that they have an existing FIWARE-enabled solution that has been successfully tested.
  • Provide a clear path to market.

Are there smart city focus areas?

Yes.  frontierCities2 will prioritise calls which focus on:

  • Internet of Things (i.e. smart infrastructure, connected cars, cooperative systems, etc.);
  • Green Mobility (Electromobility but not only);
  • Security & Big Data;
  • Urban Logistics;
  • Collaborative Mobility;
  • On-demand urban public services;
  • Clean energy and environmental protection;
  • Integrated and affordable charges;
  • Integrated mobility solutions ;
  • Security and safety in urban transport;
  • Improving the quality of life for citizens with mobility issues (e.g. elderly, disabilities).

Can I apply with other companies?

No. Each individual application needs to be developed and implemented by a single SME or Start-up. 

Is there a limit to the number of sub-contractors I can work with?

No. You may use sub-contractors as you see fit. However, you will have to pay for them out of your grant and you must not exceed 30% of the total amount awarded. Your budget submission should include any anticipated sub-contracting costs. However, you may only sub-contract for services which you cannot perform yourself, for example graphic design or printing marketing materials. Subcontracting development of core tasks in your company, such as the development of the technology, is not accepted. 

Can I apply to both fC2 Open Calls MAG & FI-TECH?

Yes. You may submit different proposals for the MAG & FI-TECH. However, you will only be funded from one fC2 strand. 

How will the funds be disbursed if we are successful in our bid?

A successful applicant will receive their grant on a rolling basis throughout the project. The grant payments will follow reviews of your project’s progress. These reviews will cover both technical aspects in terms of your application’s development and business reviews assessing the customer base and market potential of your application.

How will the mentoring and coaching work?

In order to ensure the success of the proposals selected for funding frontierCities2 will offer mentoring and coaching services to each grantee. These coaching and mentoring sessions will be geared towards the sound technological implementation of your proposal and ensuring the market uptake and commercialisation of the application you develop and deploy. The coaching and mentoring will take place in the following formats:

  1. Face-to-Face workshops and bootcamps;
  2. Skype video-chat;
  3. E-mail correspondence.

Where do I submit my Application?

To submit an application, you must register on the F6S platform. You may submit an application on the f6S/frontierCities2 page once the call opens on March 1st 2017.

Applications must be submitted no later than:

  1. April 24th 2017 for MAG proposal applications click here, and
  2. May 2nd 2017 for FI-TECH proposal applications click here.

You can submit as many applications as you wish. However, if you are selected for more than one application you will have to choose only one, as frontierCities2 only awards one grant per start-up/SME.

Can I apply several times to the same call with different solutions?

You can submit different applications to both calls. However, if you are selected in both calls you will have to choose only one, as frontierCities2 only awards one grant per start-up/SME.

Can I apply to both calls (MAG and FI-TECH) with different solutions?

Technology Questions

What are Generic Enablers (GEs)?

Generic Enablers, or GEs for short, are essentially software tools offered by FIWARE.  They are for public use and are royalty free.  FIWARE have catalogued their Generic Enablers here. They can be used as a platform to begin your application’s development. In the context of frontierCities2 their use is mandatory. 

I am having trouble implementing a GE, who do I contact?

If you are having a problem with a GE, contact the frontierCities2 team at either or according to your application. We will forward your enquiry either to a tech partner or to a member of the FIWARE team. 

I have an idea for a GE, who can I contact to pursue this further?

Generic Enablers can be developed by anyone. To publish a GE simply:

  • Register an account on the FIWARE Catalogue website
  • Log in to the Catalogue
  • Click “Add New Enabler”
  • Enter in all the relevant information for the GE
  • A catalogue editor will then review your GE prior to publishing.

For further information click here.

If my use case requires some enablers specific to my application which are not covered by FIWARE GEs, can I develop a GE or SE to fill this gap?

The FIWARE GE’s are generic building blocks which simplify and facilitate the development of your application.  However it is very likely that there will be enablers specific to your application.  You may develop and implement as many of these types of enablers for your application as you wish. We only ask that you utilise GEs where possible.

How much of the FIWARE technology must I use?

One of the key factors in deciding which proposals are funded is the amount of FIWARE technology that is used in the idea.  We therefore recommend using as much as is reasonable to satisfy the needs of your application.

How can I find out about the licensing arrangements for GEs that I am interested in considering using?

All GE uses are subject to licencing terms and conditions. These can be complicated and have been explained in the applicants’ guidelines handbook.   


Can cities apply for funding?

No. Cities are not eligible for grants under the frontierCities2 call, however cities and their citizens are the intended beneficiaries of the applications and solutions which will be developed.

Can a city be part of a funding application?

Yes, a city can associate with an applicant by signing a letter of commitment. This is compulsory if you are applying for the FI-TECH Grant. 

What role do cities play in frontierCities?

Interested cities will be paired with a SME or start-up that develops a smart mobility solution to mobility problems facing the city. Cities will provide data to awarded grantees in order to ensure their application is tailored needs of the city.  

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