FI-TECH results!

The frontierCities2 Consortium would like to thank all the applicants for their interest and work carried during the preparation of the fC2 FI-TECH Call proposal.

Out of the 136 proposals received, 14 applicants were invited to a video interview, which became the second round of the evaluation process. Following a thorough analysis of the proposals and interview feedback received from the interview panel, the fC2 Selection Board shortlisted 8 FI-TECH applicants who have been invited to the contracting phase.

Our warmest congratulations to Ateknea Solution Europe, InNET Monitoring AG, Sparsity S.L, Aniar Cumhacht Teoranta, Ciclogreen SL, ENCO S.R.L, Alma Digit S.R.L, and Espacio Disjunto S.L.U!


MAG results!

The frontierCities2 consortium would like to thank all the applicants for their interest and the work performed during the preparation of their  fC2 MAG Call proposal.

Out of the 60+ proposals received, 16 applicants were invited to the second round of the evaluation process. This second round, consisting in a video interview, further highlighted the excellence of the applicants and their submitted projects. Following a thorough analysis of the proposals, the fC2 Selection Board shortlisted 7 MAG applicants and subsequently resolved to invite 6 grantees to initiate the contracting phase.

Our warmest congratulations to GreenApes, Communithings, OpenMove, SaMMY, Accelogress and Telocate!


MAG selected app

Thinking Highways coverage of frontierCities2 and FIWARE technology

This article, published in the latest Thinking Highways Issue (Vol 12, No. 1) and entitled “The only way is ethics”, features the interviews of 3 FIWARE accelerators grantees, one of which was funded under the original frontierCities programme and shortlisted for the fC2 MAG Call.

Gregory Eve (CEO and co-founder of greenApes), explains his vision of a sustainable-oriented culture that triggered the whole idea behind greenApes. This FIWARE-based platform allows citizens to promote sustainable and green actions while providing the local authorities with tools to incentivise such behaviours. Gregory Eve describes how the FIWARE technology and frontierCities accelerator were a positive experience from both a technical point of view and business opportunity for future developments and deployments in cities around Europe.

Walter Nunziati (CEO and co-founder of Magenta), and Andrea Cruciani (CEO and co-founder of TeamDev) also share their experiences with FIWARE accelerators. Both entrepreneurs praise the benefits of such opportunities that contribute to development of functioning and innovative Smart City applications.

The article is accessible on Thinking Highways website here.

16 MAG pre-selected applications are being interviewed for final selection!

After the thorough assessment of the commercial, technical and team sections, all applicants were informed about the results. 16 MAG applicants have been invited to a video interview with the Selection panel constituted of a technical expert, a commercial expert and a member of the frontierCities2 Selection Board.

The applicants that have been invited for the interview in alphabetical order are:

CIGO!, Connect Robotics, Green Apes, Kissmybike, Lucy App, MUV App, MVMANT, SaMMY, Open Move, Paxage, Save-a-space, Sherlock Bike, Stop-buy, Stratioautomotive, Telocate, X-Scape.

After the interviews the selection board will discuss the results and inform the selected MAG applicants that will be then invited to initiate the contracting process!



interviewed MAG app logos

The frontierCities2 calls are now closed!

The Market Acceleration Grant (MAG) and the Development and Acceleration Grant (FI-TECH) are closed. Both calls for open applications started on 1 March 2017, initiating the selection process of frontierCities2 Acceleration programme. For the MAG call, enterprises needed to have already trialled their FIWARE solution when submitting their application. This requirement obviously reduced the number of completed applications received but ensured that the submitted solutions were market- and customer-ready. For the FI-TECH call, beside submitting a Smart City solution using the FIWARE technology, enterprises needed to provide letters of commitment from third parties interested in their product and willing to trial their solution. The third parties could be town halls, public organisations and different industries that will directly benefit from tailored and free Smart City solution.


On 24 April, the frontierCities2 MAG call for applications closed. The largest number of applications came from Italy followed by Spain.  On third place, there are Portugal, The Netherlands and Germany. Followed by Belgium France and Israel in fourth place.  


The FI-TECH call received applications from 14 different countries. When the clock struck at 18:00 in Brussels on Tuesday 2 May and the call closed, Italy was still ahead with the number of finalised applications submitted. However, unlike the MAG call, they shared first place with Spain who submitted just as many applications to the FI-TECH call. Well done to both countries for their entrepreneurial spirit!



The frontierCities2 team of evaluators still have to assess the applications received, so it remains to be seen which country ends up having the biggest number of applications funded under the frontierCities2 programme.


We will keep you updated with the most recent developments of the frontierCities2 call results in our upcoming newsletters. 




frontierCities2 calls update! We have reached 100+ applications

The frontierCities2 Calls: FI-TECH and MAG have reached 100+ applications. We have received applications from over 21 countries, with 17 European and 5 Non-European countries. The two top leading countries in both calls are Italy and Spain, followed by Portugal on the MAG and UK on the FI-TECH

In total, we have received 62 applications for FI-TECh and 53 for MAG. This information is based in the applications that have provided their location, as there are 21 unknown applications. This numbers will change as both calls are still open.