fC2 MAG2 & FI-TECH BootCamp and fC2 Outreach Workshop in Berlin


The frontierCities2 MAG2 and FI-TECH companies will be attending the 5th frontierCities BootCamp which will focus on Digital Market, Negotiation, and Investment. During this 2-day BootCamp, the fC2 Start-up's commercial team will be working intensively, while their technical counterparts will have the opportunity to meet FIWARE experts during the FIWARE Technical Clinic one-to-one sessions.

This BootCamp, as the previous one in Porto, Portugal, will be also joined with the participants of the Outreach Programme by the FIWARE 16 Accelerator Ex-Grantees, and Phase I & II Research Results. Generating Networking opportunities for partnering and business development.