Thinking Highways coverage of frontierCities2 and FIWARE technology

This article, published in the latest Thinking Highways Issue (Vol 12, No. 1) and entitled “The only way is ethics”, features the interviews of 3 FIWARE accelerators grantees, one of which was funded under the original frontierCities programme and shortlisted for the fC2 MAG Call.

Gregory Eve (CEO and co-founder of greenApes), explains his vision of a sustainable-oriented culture that triggered the whole idea behind greenApes. This FIWARE-based platform allows citizens to promote sustainable and green actions while providing the local authorities with tools to incentivise such behaviours. Gregory Eve describes how the FIWARE technology and frontierCities accelerator were a positive experience from both a technical point of view and business opportunity for future developments and deployments in cities around Europe.

Walter Nunziati (CEO and co-founder of Magenta), and Andrea Cruciani (CEO and co-founder of TeamDev) also share their experiences with FIWARE accelerators. Both entrepreneurs praise the benefits of such opportunities that contribute to development of functioning and innovative Smart City applications.

The article is accessible on Thinking Highways website here.