frontierCities2 3rd Consortium Meeting

On September 18th the frontierCities2 consortium gathers on the B19 Country club for a day, to update the status of the fC2 Accelerator and plan the coming implementation of the months ahead.  


Participated to the consortium:  New Frontier Services (Seán Burke, Dr. Bernardita Cárdenas, Giulia Monti, Soohyun Lee, Pauline Duchêne), FIWARE Foundation (Stefano De Panfilis), University of Surrey (Dr. Bill Headley), S3Transportation (José Papí, Raffaele Alfonsi), Innova BIC (Alberto Soraci, Tonia Sapia), Smart Transportation Alliance (Antonio Montalvo, Claudio Caferri) and H3BM (Luis Hill, Kevin Borras). 

The discussion included the fC2 contract amendment updates, application status, call & selection results reporting, fC2 grant management, communication, information sharing and dissemination plan with the presence of all the Consortium members.

Also, the Consortium agreed to the assignment of the lead commercial coach and technical coach for each of the MAG & FI-TECH grantees,  and Consortium Members decided on the grantees’ progress reporting system.

The 3rd frontierCities2 Consortium meeting ended on a high note with frontierCities2 Secretariat thanking Consortium members for participation, dedication, and engagement.